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computer sample paper for bank exam Topic: computer sample paper for bank exam

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Quote abhisharma59 Replybullet Topic: computer sample paper for bank exam
    Posted: 06Mar2011 at 5:08pm




1Q. If a word is typed that is not in Words dictionary, a ____________ wavy underline appears below the word.
(A) red
(B) green
(C) blue
(D) black
(E) None of these
Answer : (A)

2Q. The____________button on the quick access Toolbar allows you to cancel your recent commands or actions.
(A) Search
(B) Cut
(C) Document
(D) Undo
(E) None of these
Ans : (D)

3Q. In Excel, any set of characters containing a letter , hyphen, or space is considered
(A) a formula
(B) text
(C) a name
(D) a title
(E) None of these
Answer : (B)

4Q. ____________Software allows users to perform calculations on rows and columns of data.
(A) Word processing
(B) Presentation graphics
(C) Database Management Systems
(D) Electronic Spreadsheet
(E) None of these
Ans : (C)

5Q. A ____________represent approximately one billion memory locations.
(A) kilobyte
(B) megabyte
(C) gigabyte
(D) terabyte
(E) None of these
Ans : (C)

6Q. ____________cells involves creating a single cell by combining two or more selected cells.
(A) Formatting
(B) Merging
(C) Embedding
(D) Splitting
(E) None of these
Answer : (B)

7Q. The operating system is the most common type of____________software.
(A) communication
(B) application
(C) system
(D) word-processing
(E) None of these
Answer : (C)

8Q. When you quickly press and releaes the left mouse button twice , you are
(A) Primary-clicking
(B) pointing
(C) Double-clicking
(D) Secondary-clicking
(E) None of these
Answer : (C)

9Q. The horizontal and vertical lines on a worksheet are called
(A) cells
(B) sheets
(C) block lines
(D) gridlines
(E) None of these
Answer : (D)

10Q. To delete an incorrect character in a document, ____________ to erase to the right of the insertion point.
(A) press the left mouse key
(B) double-click the right mouse key
(C) press the BACKSPACE key
(D) press the delete key
(E) None of these
Answer : (D)

11Q. The operating system does all of the following EXCEPT:
(A) provide a way for the user to interact with the computer.
(B) manage the central processing unit (CPU).
(C) manage memory and storage.
(D) enable users to perform a specific task such as document editing.
Answer : (D)

12Q. During the boot process, the____________looks for the system files.
(A) CD
Answer : (B)

13Q. ____________ are lists of commands that appear on the screen.
(A) GUIs
(B) Icons
(C) Menus
(D) Windows
Answer : (C)

14Q. ____________ is the ability of an operating system to control the activities of multiple programs at the same time.
(A) Multitasking
(B) Streamlining
(C) Multiuser
(D) Simulcasting
Answer : (A)

15Q. The unique signal, generated by a device, that tells the operating system that it is in need of immediate attention is called an:
(A) action.
(B) event.
(C) interrupt.
(D) activity.
Answer : (C)

16Q. The operating system controls access to the processor by assigning a(n) ____________ to each task requiring the processors attention.
(B) slice of time
(C) stack
(D) event
Answer : (B)

17Q. The blocks of code, included in the operating system, that software applications interact with are known as:
(A) application programming interfaces (APIs).
(B) complimentary metal-oxide conductors (CMOS).
(C) device drivers.
(D) bootstrap loaders.
Answer : (A)

18Q. MS-DOS is a ____________ operating system.
(A) point-and-click
(B) user-friendly
(C) command-driven
(D) Mac
Answer : (C)

19Q. An interrupt handler is a(n):
(A) location in memory that keeps track of recently generated interrupts.
(B) peripheral device.
(C) utility program.
(D) special numeric code that indicates the priority of a request.
Answer : (D)

20Q. A spooler is a(n):
(A) location in memory that maintains the contents of a document until it prints out.
(B) print job.
(C) program that coordinates the print jobs that are waiting to print.
(D) message sent from the printer to the operating system when a print job is completed.
Answer : (C)

21Q. Virtual memory is typically located:
(A) on a floppy disk.
(B) in the CPU.
(C) in a flash card.
(D) on the hard drive.
Answer : (D)

22Q. The purpose of a swap (or page) file is to:
(A) maintain pages of documents that are being spooled to the printer.
(B) hold a programs data or instructions in virtual memory when it cant fit in RAM.
(C) prevent thrashing in a multitasking environment.
(D) allow multiple print jobs to print their pages out simultaneously.
Answer : (B)

23Q. The definition of thrashing is:
(A) swapping data between virtual memory and RAM too frequently.
(B) insufficient hard disk space.
(C) too many processors being managed by the operating system.
(D) inaccurate information stored in the registry.
Answer : (A)

24Q. All of the following are TRUE of Safe Mode EXCEPT:
(A) Safe Mode is a special diagnostic mode.
(B) Safe Mode loads all nonessential icons.
(C) Safe Mode allows users to troubleshoot errors.
(D) Safe Mode loads only the most essential devices.
Answer : (B)

25Q. Verification of a login name and password is known as:
(A) configuration.
(B) accessibility.
(C) authentication.
(D) logging in.
Answer : (C)

26Q. The combination of the operating system and the processor is referred to as the computers:
(A) CPU.
(B) platform.
Answer : (B)

27Q. The following message generally means:
(A) a nonsystem floppy has been left in the floppy disk drive.
(B) the CD drive is not functioning.
(C) the BIOS is corrupted.
(D) there is a problem loading a device.
Answer : (A)

28Q. Which of the following is the correct sequence of actions that takes place during the boot-up process?
(A) Load operating system ? Activate BIOS ? Perform POST ? Check configuration settings
(B) Activate BIOS ? Perform POST ? Load operating system ? Check configuration settings
(C) Perform POST ? Load operating system ? Activate BIOS ? Check configuration settings
(D) Activate BIOS ? Check configuration settings ? Perform POST ? Load operating system
Answer : (B)

29Q. All of the following are steps involved in the boot process EXCEPT:
(A) load the operating system into RAM.
(B) the power-on self-test.
(C) activate the basic input/output system (BIOS).
(D) load application programs.
Answer : (D)

30Q. The ____________, stored on a ROM chip, is responsible for loading the operating system from its permanent location on the hard drive into RAM.
(C) device driver
(D) supervisor program
Answer : (A)

31Q. The basic input/output system (BIOS) is stored in:
(A) RAM.
(B) ROM.
(C) the CPU.
(D) the hard drive.
Answer : (B)

32Q. Ensuring that the essential peripheral devices are attached and operational is the ____________ process.
(A) configuration
Answer : (C)

33Q. The memory resident portion of the operating system is called the
(A) registry.
(B) API.
(D) kernel.
Answer : (D)

34Q. Which of the following does NOT occur during the power-on self-test (POST)?
(A) The ScanDisk utility begins to run.
(B) The video card and video memory are tested.
(C) The BIOS identification process occurs.
(D) Memory chips are checked to ensure they are working properly.
Answer : (A)

35Q. All of the following are TRUE regarding virtual memory EXCEPT
(A) any amount of RAM can be allocated to virtual memory.
(B) the setting for the amount of hard drive space to allocate to virtual memory can be manually changed.
(C) this temporary storage is called the swap file (or page file).
(D) virtual memory is physical space on the hard drive.
Answer : (A)

36Q. The operating system allows users to organize the computers contents in a hierarchical structure of directories that include all of the following EXCEPT:
(A) files.
(B) folders.
(D) drives.
(D) systems.
Answer : (D)

37. All of the following statements concerning windows are true EXCEPT
(A) windows are an example of a command-driven environment.
(B) windows can be resized and repositioned on the desktop.
(C) more than one window can be open at a time.
(D) toolbars and scrollbars are features of windows.
Answer : (A)

38. All of the following statements concerning files are true EXCEPT
(A) A file is a collection of related pieces of information stored together for easy reference.
(B) Files can be generated from an application.
(C) Files are stored in RAM.
(D) Files should be organized in folders.
Answer : (C)

39. Using Windows Explorer, a plus (+) sign in front of a folder indicates
(A) an open folder.
(B) the folder contains subfolders.
(C) a text file.
(D) a graphics file.
Answer : (B)

40. In Windows XP, if you want to see the file size and modified dates of all files in a folder, the best viewing option is the __________ view.
(A) List
(B) Thumbnails
(C) Details
(D) Icon
Answer : (C)



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Quote vitconratran9x9 Replybullet Posted: 24Apr2014 at 11:55pm
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Thi thoảng, trong những pht ngồi một mnh giữa khng gian vắng lặng như thế ny, em thường tự hỏi mnh: Giờ ny, anh đang lm g, c nhớ em như em đang nhớ anh khng? V rồi, em cười khc khch một mnh. Em biết, c thể anh đang vi đầu vo cng việc hoặc đang chm vo một giấc ngủ su. Anh c thể khng đang ngồi v mơ mộng như em nhưng em vẫn hạnh phc v em biết rằng, trong tim anh, em lun ở đ.

Em muốn viết cho anh nhữn dng ny, để một lc no đ, anh v tnh đọc được anh sẽ hiểu rằng em yu anh nhiều như thế no. Biết đu đ, một mnh chng mnh trở thnh những ng lo, bo lo gi nua, đi lời tm sự ny của em lại khiến anh m em thật chặt d nụ cười của chng ta đều đ trở nn mm mn. Nhưng cũng c thể con tạo xoay vần, hinh sex một ngy no đ chng ta sẽ về hai con đường xa cch nhau, th n hẳn sẽ lm anh hiểu, truyen sex đ từng c một thời em yu anh đến nhường no. Anh sẽ tin, tnh yu của em l thật.

Cuộc tnh chng mnh chưa đủ để so độ rộng di với thng năm nhưng em tin n su đủ để chng ta sẽ trọn đời ghi nhớ. Tnh yu đu phải chỉ đng nhớ khi tnh thng, tnh ngy. Điều quan trọng l chng ta đ yu nhau như thế no trong những thng ngy gọi nhau bằng hai tiếng: Người yu. Em v anh c thể chưa yu di lu như những cặp đi khc nhưng em lun trn trọng tnh yu m anh dnh cho em. N thing ling v qu đỗi ngọt ngo.

Ny người tnh, em nhớ anh!

Anh biết khng, em tự ho v tnh yu ngọt ngo của chng mnh chưa qu di (Ảnh minh họa)

C lẽ ai đ sẽ cười v nghĩ rằng đ chỉ l những cảm xc mạnh mẽ của buổi đầu yu đương nhưng em th lại tự ho về điều đ. Em tin rằng, để gặp được nhau trong cuộc đời ny đ l một ci duyn, nhưng để yu được nhau, d tnh yu đ khng phải l tnh yu sẽ theo ta suốt cả cuộc đời th đ cũng l một ci duyn từ kiếp trước. Em c cảm gic thn thuộc lắm khi bn anh. Cảm gic thn thuộc như thể kiếp trước mnh đ từng yu rồi đấy.

Anh biết khng, tai phim sex chng mnh mới bắt đầu đặt trn ln con đường của tnh yu. Con đường đ c di mi hay khng l ty thuộc ở hai người nắm tay nhau c dm đi tới cng. Trn con đường tnh ấy, anh sex chng ta c thể hờn dỗi, c thể vng vằng đi ln pha trước một mnh, c thể ngồi thụp xuống v khc nhưng đừng bao giờ rẽ sang một con đường khc, chỉ cần thế thi, em tin, mnh sẽ đi tới tận cng hạnh phc.

Cuộc sống cn thật nhiều kh khăn v đừng để tnh yu ny vụt mất trước những kh khăn đ anh nh. Hy yu em thật nhiều, hy trn trọng hạnh phc m chng ta đang c. Nếu một lc no đ cuộc tnh ny khiến anh mệt mỏi, anh hy dừng chn lại, quay đầu nhn chặng đường ta đ cng nhau bước qua để nhận ra rằng mnh đ từng c những g. Khi ấy, anh v em sẽ c đủ sức mạnh để tiếp tục snh bước bn nhau.

Ny người tnh, em nhớ anh!

Đừng bao giờ rời xa nhau anh nh (Ảnh minh họa)

Mnh yu nhau chưa lu nhưng mnh sẽ cn yu nhau mi, anh nh. C thể anh khng phải l anh chng lng mạn hay nhiều mộng mơ để ngồi nhớ v viết cho em những dng min man như em đang lm cho anh lc ny, nhưng chỉ cần anh lun cất giữ bng hnh em trong tri tim, như vậy l qu đủ rồi.

C lẽ lc ny anh đang ngủ, một hm no đ, hi vọng rằng một lc no đ anh v tnh biết những dng ny, anh sẽ hiểu, em yu anh nhường no

Theo VNE

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