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HCL Perot Systems (augast 2003)

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Topic: HCL Perot Systems (augast 2003)
Posted By: rakesh_sahu
Subject: HCL Perot Systems (augast 2003)
Date Posted: 27Jun2006 at 5:59pm
HCL Perot Systems (augast 2003)-Test conducted in PESIT Banglore
There will be 3 sections

I - section

2 parts

1. very simple sequences for all of them consider the differences and find the next number (10 questions for each 1 mark)

2. Data Sufficiency paper (10 questions 1 mark for each)

II- section - (simple mahts)

15 questions for each 2 (I don't know exactly it may be 3)

for simple maths but I didn't done this section well.

III - section -( C-program section but by seeing it u can easily say that wrong name for is section - any mechanical student can easily do this)

10 questions for each 5 marks

its better to do this section first because u can easily score marks.

Descri ptively

1- section

Data Sufficiency section

1. how is B related to A.

I. A is B's sister.

II. D is the father of A and B.

ans: its not possible to find realation even from both.

2. what will be the total weight of 10 poles each of the same weight?

I. 1/4 th of the weight of a pole is 5 kilograms.

II.the total weight of the 3 poles is 20kilograms more than total weight of 2 poles

ans": I is alone possible and II is alone is also possible.

and some more questions from modern approach to verbal reasoning by R.S. Agarwal.

II section - maths

1. some questions on ages( 4 to 6).

2. x< some value and x> some value same thing for y and what is the minimum value of some equation.

III section

1. 2 questions are given based on flow charts which are too big by the flow is only upto 2 boxes.

2. one while loop like while(24 mod 4) lot of stuff in while loop by the control will not enter the loop .

3. some equations will be given then asked for the value of variables.

all the best from

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