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INFOSYS - Placement Paper 2 - 07 aug 2005

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Topic: INFOSYS - Placement Paper 2 - 07 aug 2005
Posted By: rakesh_sahu
Subject: INFOSYS - Placement Paper 2 - 07 aug 2005
Date Posted: 23Jun2006 at 2:33pm
First of all start with R.S.Aggarwal’s Mathematics [ MBA ].Then go practice Shakuntala Dev’s puzzle books[Puzzles to puzzle you and More puzzles to puzzle you].Then practice George Summers’ Mind Teasers.The main point is try to do as many previous question papers as possible.

Visit for latest question papers.


1. Lucia is a wonderful grandmother.Her age is between 50 and 70.Each of her sons have as many sons as they have brothers.Their combined number gives Lucia’s age.What is the age?

2. There are two towers A and B.Their heights are 200ft and 150ft respectively and the foot of the towers are 250ft apart.Two birds on top of each tower fly down with the same speed and meet at the same instant on the ground to pick a grain.What is the distance between the foot of tower Aand the grain?

3. Grass in lawn grows equally thick and in a uniform rate.It takes 40 days for 40 cows and 60 days for 30 cows to eat the whole of the grass.How many days does it take for 20 cows to do the same?

4. Four tourists A,B,C,D and four languages English,German,French and Italian.They are not able to converse among themselves in one language.Though A does not know English he can act as an interpreter between B and C.No one spoke both French and German.A knows German and was able to converse with D who doesn’t know a word in German.Only one language was spoken by more than two persons.Each spoke two languages.Find who spoke what.

5. There is a five digit number.It has two prime digits(1 is not a prime number).Third digit is the highest.Second digit is the lowest.First digit is one less than the third digit.The fifth digit is half of the fourth.The sum of 4th and 5th is less than the first.Find the number.

6. Four persons A, B, C and D are playing cards.Each person has one card, laid down on the table below him,which has two different colours on either side.No card has the same color on both sides.The colours visible on the table are Red, Green, Red and Blue respectively.They see the color on the reverse side and give the following comment.

A: Yellow or Green
B: Neither Blue nor Green
C: Blue or Yellow
D: Blue or Yellow

Given that out of the 4 people 2 always lie find out the colours on the
cards each person.

7. A software engineer returns from America. As he is fat he decided to have evening walk.....he started at 3pm. he walks along the road at 4km/hr for some time then he climbs a upward slope area at 3km/hr then downwards at the rate of 6km/hr. then back to the home through the road at 4km/hr. what is the distance he covered in one way if he reaches back home at 9pm

8. A 1 k.m. long wire is held by n poles. If one pole is removed,the length of the gap becomes 12/3m. What is the number of poles initially?
9. Find the digits X,Y,Z
Y Y Y Y +

10. In a race Andrew beats Jim.Jack is not the last.Dennis loses to both Jack and Lucia.Jim beats Jack.Who won the race?


1. Let the no. of Lucia’s sons = n
No. of brothers for each son = n-1
No. of sons for each of Lucia’s son = n-1

Lucia’s age = n-1 * n-1
= a perfect square between 50 and 70
= 64

150 Since the two birds travel with the same
speed and meet at the same instant the
distance traveled by them is equal.
By Pythagoras theorem,

200*200 + x*x = (250-x)*(250-x)+150 * 150
x = 90ft

3. g - grass at the beginning
r - rate at which grass grows, per day
y - rate at which one cow eats grass, per day
n - no of cows to eat the grass in 96 days

g + 40*r = 40 * 40 * y------- 1
g + 60*r = 30 * 60 * y------- 2
g + n*r = 20 * n * y-------- 3

from 1 and 2
r=10y g=120r
from 3

Solving, n = 120

4. Think logically.
Ans –

Italian French
Italian German
English Italian

5. Ans – 71842
Hint – Start with the last condition.

6. Try all possible combinations.Keep in mind two things.THE combination obtained should satify the conditions
1.Two are lying and two are telling the truth
2.Neither two cards are similar nor are two sides of a card are of same color

A Yellow
B Yellow
C Green
D Red

7. Let the dist traveled on level ground = x and on the hill be y.
x/4 + y/3 + y/6 + x/4 = 6
(x+y)/2 = 6km

8. Let the no. of poles originally = n
After taking away one pole
(n-1)*12/3 = 1000
n = 251

9. x+y+z = z ==> x+y = 10
max value for y = 1
hence x = 1
also, (carry)1+x+y+z = x ==> 1+y+z = 10
hence z=8
9 1 8

10. The possible positions in the race are,

Andrew Andrew
Jim Jim
Jack Lucia
Lucia Jack
Dennis Dennis

In either case Andrew is the winner.

Posted By: parth90
Date Posted: 08May2007 at 7:45pm

i want accenture placement papers


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